Learnin' flixel

2011-05-06 16:02:35 by ToastedSandwich

Hello again readers...

I will (probably) be using flixel for future game developments, along with FlashDevelop. I'm learning it right now. Oh yeah, expect 'Hacker' soon.

Uh... yeah...

2011-03-20 08:46:26 by ToastedSandwich

Yeah, sorry about delays. Anyway, I think Hacker is coming along well.

Quick Interruption Again

2011-02-27 11:36:01 by ToastedSandwich

Just wanted to let you know I'm making this game called The Keyboard. Here's a preview:
(Yes I know, it looks quite dull...)

Quick Interruption Again

I have (unfortunately) had to stop production on the game 'Mouse Madness'.

"But why?"

Becuase most of the game didn't work, and it would have taken me ages to get the game working. Sorry about that.

4 games awaiting completion

2011-02-21 12:06:52 by ToastedSandwich

Ok. I have 4 games that need completion:
1) The Quest For Cheese (it's been... I think 3 months since I've worked on that. I once forgot it even existed)
2) HACKER (about a week since I've worked on that)
3) Blocks (1 month since I've touched that)
4) Mouse Madness (main focus)

If you haven't noticed, Mouse Madness is the new game. It's just a bunch o' minigames that make no sense. Well, a few of them do.

Guess what? I'm making another game, called HACKER, where basically, you... um... hack. Simple. If you think it's gonna be cool, visit my Newgrounds profile for the latest updates there.

Aw crud...

2011-02-15 11:36:09 by ToastedSandwich

Great. I've just had to redo the entire Blocks! game, and it's really annoying because I have to redo all the levels, and that sucks...

The app that I made didn't get much positive response, so I'm making a new game called Blocks! which hopefully will get a better response. :D

A small intertuption...

2011-02-13 08:40:03 by ToastedSandwich

I spent some time away from 'The Quest For Cheese' just to make a small app. You'll see it today-ish.


2011-02-11 14:36:38 by ToastedSandwich

This is my first post. I'm making a game called 'The Quest For Cheese' and will take some time before completion.